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Easily Sharing Content Across Pages in Sitefinity

There are often scenarios where you want to include the same content on multiple pages. If you want that content in the same place on every page, you could add the content to the page template. But it is quite likely that you will want the same content to existing in different places on different pages, or only on some of the pages that share a template.

Using Shared Content Blocks

Sitefinity allows you to add content to your page using a content block and then save that as shared content that can be added to another page.

Then, you can edit that shared content and the change you make will appear anywhere that you have placed the shared content block.

Creating a Shared Content Block

Start by adding a content block to a page as you normally would and add your content. When you've finished, click the "Share this content" button in the bottom right corner of the content editing window.
The button to save your content as shared content is at the bottom of the content block editing window

You'll be prompted to name this content block (so that you can retrieve it later).
Give your shared content block a useful name

Your content block will now indicate that it has been saved as shared content.
Text at the top of the content editor indicates that you have saved this as shared content

Adding a Shared Content Block to Another Page

If you want to place the same shared content on another page, start by dropping a regular content block onto the page and placing it where you'd like the content to appear.

Edit the content block, but now click the "Select from existing shared content" button.
The button to select existing shared content is in the bottom right corner of the content editor window

You can now select the name of the content block that you'd like to use.
choose the name of the shared content block you would like to add to your page

Once you have completed this and you're back on your page, the content block will illustrate when shared content is being used. You will see the word "Shared" in the header of your content block.
content blocks using shared content will indicated this on your page layout

Accessing Existing Shared Content Blocks

The list of shared content blocks that have been created can be access from the Content menu in Sitefinity.  Choose "Content Blocks".

Access shared content blocks from the content menu

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