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Google Analytics Inside Sitefinity

You can connect Sitefinity to your Google Analytics account and see your website traffic when logged in to the backend. Boom!

Analytics from Google are available right in Sitefinity

There are a few technical steps to connect your Google Account to Sitefinity. You start the process by choosing Analytics from the Marketing menu. From there the instructions will walk you through the setup process. If you need help, just let us know.

Choose Analytics from the Marketing Menu

Once the setup is complete, this menu will show your analytics from your Google account.

But, that's not all.

Google Analytics on your Sitefinity Dashboard  

You can customize the content on your dashboard when you login to Sitefinity. This can include a snapshot of many of the key analytics from your Google data. Look for the "Configure Dashboard Widgets" link at the very bottom of your Dashboard. Again, we can help you set this up if you'd like.

Sitefinity dashboard can include multiple charts from Google Analytics

Page Specific Google Analytics

Another very useful and powerful integration of Google Analytics and Sitefinity is the ability to see analytics for a specific page with one click. From the Pages screen, click the graph icon in the Analytics column.

The grid icon in the analytics column links to the data for the respective page

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