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Creating new navigation templates


Disclaimer: Creating new navigation templates requires web development experience and a working knowledge of C#, ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The following instructions focus on navigating through Sitefinity to access the ability to create navigation templates as opposed to teaching you how to code. Creating new navigation templates allows you to customize the markup and the functionality of your navigation. Should you choose to create a new navigation template through the Widget Templates page (underneath the “Design” tab of the main Sitefinity navigation), you will be prompted to select which widget to apply the template to.

1. Click edit on the top right corner of your navigation widget to bring up the menu shown below.

flywheel strategic Sitefinity navigation tips 4

2. Click “Create new template”. From here you will be redirected to the widget template editor. You can also access the widget template editor by clicking on “Widget Templates” underneath the “Design” tab in the main SiteFinity Navigation and subsequently selecting the Widget template you would like to edit. If you navigate to the page via the latter instructions, you will have to select which Widget the template will be applied to. Select “Navigation”.

flywheel strategic Sitefinity navigation tips 5

3. After you finish writing your template, name your template and click “Create this template”. You will be redirected back to the navigation widget menu and your widget template will be selected in the drop-down menu. Click “Save” to use your newly created template.

sitefinity tips sample template

To learn how to edit existing navigation templates, click here. 

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