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Sitefinity Update 10.2: What’s New



The latest release of Sitefinity was made publicly available late last year, and we’re here to tell you what’s new with edition 10.2. Multi-channel optimization is the core feature behind the update, with the following features now as standard;

A/B Testing Functionality

Sitefinity now offers out of the box A/B testing functionality that will greatly help marketing teams set up, monitor and refine campaigns, measuring the success utilizing improved customer journey analysis capabilities. Experimenting with every aspect of your pages from forms, layout, content and calls-to-action allows you to monitor which version of your site will reach your desired goals.

Sitefinity Update Flywheel Strategic

Social Media Marketing integration

Enhancements have been made to social sharing capabilities within the platform, giving direct control over Open Graph properties of content for promotion and campaigns built into Sitefinity CMS This update will allow you to expose the appropriate title, description and image pulled in from your shared content.

MVC SEO Controls

Enhancements have been made to Sitefinity MVC controls with meta title and description fields added to improve search engine optimization. You can now find these fields in the MCV widgets advanced settings.

Explicit Consent Tracking

Assistance with compliance initiatives is provided with the new functionality of explicit consent web tracking, giving the ability to turn on or off web tracking and statistical data collected for visitors who did not provide consent for using cookies.

Sitefinity Update Flywheel Strategic screenshot

Improved Site Language Association

Sitefinity already possesses some excellent features for multilingual sites, but the latest update allows site managers to add only preconfigured languages, saving time and limiting any issues that may occur when adding a language that isn’t configured.

This is just some of the latest features available, not to mention improvements including authentication error handling, site sync logging, ecommerce performance for product discounts, and updates to developer tools. Contact us for more information on Sitefinity and watch out for Flywheel Sitefinity Tips every Tuesday by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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