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Linking Form Data to the Digital Experience Cloud

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy
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This post assumes that you're using the Digital Experience Cloud and Sitefinity together.

This will allow you to identify an anonymous visitor on your site with an actual user once they have filled out a form on your website. You can also send any other form data to the DEC contact profiles.

  1. Create a contact field to hold extra information in DEC (only need to do this once for each field name you want to track - regardless of how many Sitefinity Forms use a field with that name)
    1.  Login to DEC, Go to Administration and click on the Data Center you care aboutSelect Administration Link
    2. Click on Contact Properties
      Select Contact Properties Link
    3. Click Add Contact Property
      Click the Edit link for the form field you want to link to the DEC 
    4. Give the Contact Property a name (best to use the same name as the form field you're connecting to)
      Setup the contact field properities 
    5. Enter the Field Name from the Form (copy / remember this) - ie. "FullName"
    6. Save your changes
  2. Give your field in Sitefinity the right "Field Name" that corresponds to the DEC field.
    1. Go to Content > Forms 
    2. Click the form you care about
    3. Edit the field that you want to connect to the DEC - ie. a field that captures full name
      Click the Edit link for the form field you want to link to the DEC 
    4. Go to Advanced
      Click the advanced link in the bottom right corner 
    5. Find the property called "Field Name"
    6. Paste in the Field Name that copied when setting up the DEC Field. - ie. "FullName"
      Update the FieldName property 
    7. Save your changes.

That's it! Now any form submissions will be saved with those contacts in the DEC.

As soon as you do this, any history that the DEC already has for a contact will get uniquely identified by name. It's pretty powerful when you get this connected.

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