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What’s New in Sitefinity 11.0


Sitefinity CMS understands that “behind every successful website there is a lot of good content.” To help with managing that content, there is a new interface for Sitefinity users and we think you’re going to love it! Adding value to content managers was the primary objective for this change. You’ll notice these things right away:

  • Clean, distraction-free interface so you can focus on content

  • Better browsing, searching and filtering of content in the backend

  • Improved WYSIWYG editor for making content changes

  • Easy to use tools for embedding tweets, YouTube videos and other content

  • Better translation management

For our existing clients using Sitefinity, you will start to see these enhancements as we update your site to the latest version. For new projects, this Sitefinity 11.0 interface will be the default going forward.


What Does This Mean for Existing Clients?

Existing clients can interchangeably switch from the classic interface to the latest version. We will be encouraging you to make the switch so you become familiar with the new model. The new interface is built for progressive discovery so you can learn it quickly. Sitefinity CMS 11.0 improves on existing tools offered in Sitefinity CMS 10.2. You can review a comprehensive checklist of those differences here.


Have a Look at the New and Improved Content Editing Experience

According to Sitefinity, the driving force behind the reinvented CMS lies behind four key principles: focus on content, distraction-free user interface, content at scale, and delight in the details. These key ingredients are evident in the new rich-text editor which makes it easier for content creators and managers to insert links, manage images, and embed videos.


Screenshot of Sitefinity 10.2 CMS


Screenshot of Sitefinity 11.0 CMS 



Benefits Under the Hood

In addition to the stuff you can see, there are several great advancements that have arrived to help developers. Our technical team at Flywheel is looking forward to an Extra Layer of Security Protection, Improved Productivity for Developer with Sitefinity VSIX and streamlined MVC Content Widgets.

The latest interface promises to streamline your content editing and management experience by making the process more efficient. Take a browse and let us know if you have any questions about what to expect. Tweet us at @FlywheelStrategic and email us here.
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