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Starting 2021 on the Right Foot: In Conversation with Kyle Wenn

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy
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We all know that 2020 has presented challenges. But with every challenge, comes opportunity. That is a cliché, but it is true.

At Flywheel, one of our longest standing clients is SNAP Financial. We have built iOS and Android apps. We have implemented Salesforce. And, we've built countless websites and web solutions to support various marketing and operational initiatives. There have been challenges and we have been able to work closely with SNAP to help them take advantage of many opportunities. Through that work we have built great relationships with many team members at SNAP.

Now the Chief Operating Officer of SNAP Premium Finance, Kyle Wenn has been a key client collaborator for us.

We decided to sit down with Kyle and share a conversation with you about his experiences and outlook as we move into 2021 - a year where technology will certainly be more important than ever before.

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