Think of us as a store of creative and intellectual energy or a deep reserve of skills encompassing diverse but complementary disciplines. When your business goals need to be brought into reach, we’re here for you to draw on. Not as your supplier but as a member of your team.


It’s our range and balance that set us apart. We favour no one capability. They’re all important to us—from the most technically concrete to the most conceptually abstract. Our strength is deploying them in concert to yield the most complete returns.

We think, therefore
we are

Even when we’re doing the little things, we always try to see the bigger picture. Thoughtfulness is our defining attribute. It’s how we make sure our solutions work for clients today and also tomorrow. It’s why so many of the clients who worked with us yesterday continue to work with us today.


If you think the same thoughts, you’re bound to get the same results. We like to stand the issues on their head and give them a shake. You’d be amazed at what comes out.

our team

Flywheel runs on the combined energies of highly creative and experienced individual talents.

Brittany Trafford
Brittany Account Manager
Brittany Trafford


Account Manager

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Brittany acts as a conduit between the development team and the project management process. She has the technical knowledge to understand what the development team needs to know and the communication skills/customer facing experience to clearly relay important information to the client and the Flywheel staff leading the project. She has been an invaluable resource for the project management team at Flywheel.

Scott Snowden
Scott Business & Technology Strategy
Scott Snowden


Business & Technology Strategy

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Our world is evolving quickly and companies who are able to take advantage of well designed technology will lead the way. Scott brings a keen sense of curiosity and determination to all new business problems. Scott's passion is creatively engineering new ways for clients to standout. To do that, you need to ask the right questions and take time to understand the context of each client's position in the market. This business-first approach has given clients like SNAP Financial a strong competitive advantage. Clients like Quadrangle Architects and the Prospector's & Developer's Association of Canada have been able to implement web strategies to streamline their operations and improve communications.

Emily Skublics
Emily Account Manager
Emily Skublics


Account Manager

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Emily balances account management with strategizing and creating content to provide a cohesive experience for every client. Clients know what overall outcome they want from their digital presence—Emily does the detail work to get them there. She manages all content marketing projects at Flywheel, working closely with every client from research to implementation. Social media, SEO, email campaigns, site content, and digital advertising are Emily's bread and butter.

Zarna Sharma
Zarna Backend & Frontend Developer
Zarna Sharma


Backend & Frontend Developer

E-mail Zarna

Zarna is a versatile developer who works with wide range of frontend, backend and iOS development skills. Her range makes her a valuable resource in ensuring that the work done at Flywheel is completed efficiently and with a high level of quality. She has been a critical resource for a number of the web projects completed by Flywheel.

Dominic Ayre
Dominic Design
Dominic Ayre


Dominic’s focus is on high-level strategic initiatives. Dominic has worked in Toronto as a graphic designer for more than 20 years. He oversees creative work for clients such as Quadrangle, Aecon and Harry Rosen. Currently on faculty at OCAD University, Dom is an enthusiastic mentor to new designers and is well known within the design community for his expertise in typography, digital platforms and design trends.

Shane Davis
Shane Content
Shane Davis



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Shane will bring a focused energy and enthusiasm to help you grow a community of loyal, engaged customers.  Amazing ideas become valuable campaigns when we are able to support them with analytics and our expert insight.  Shane will help measure and increase the impact of your marketing initiatives so you can build revenue further through social media, online engagement and unique digital campaigns.  Just ask our client Butterball Farms - they can testify to the value of a well executed marketing strategy by Shane's team.

Mia E Lee
Mia Design & Frontend Development
Mia E Lee


Design & Frontend Development

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Mia is our digital jack of all trades. From frontend development and design to video editing and content creation, Mia's versatility and collaborative skills make her a critical team member. She leverages skills learned across industries in her past work experience, notably in television, graphic design, and photography.

Jessica Huynh
Jessica Digital Marketing Coordinator
Jessica Huynh


Digital Marketing Coordinator

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With a hard-working attitude and natural curiosity, Jessica is an integral part of the content marketing team. She creates actionable content, compelling social media campaigns and implements digital advertising strategies for clients across multiple industries. Jessica is particularly skilled at undertaking competitor and industry research, writing blog and social posts, and delivering SEO and strategy recommendations.

Oliver Moorhouse
Oliver Business & Marketing Strategy
Oliver Moorhouse


Business & Marketing Strategy

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Plugged into the latest technology, Oliver helps clients develop the right approach to technology in order to deliver their marketing and business objectives effectively. Oliver has successfully adapted technology solutions for a diverse group of brands including: Microsoft, Nestle Nutrition, Rogers, Corona, and NovoNordisk to name a few.

Nicholas Griffin
Nick Business Development
Nicholas Griffin


Business Development

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Nick takes apart client problems and helps create solutions for each situation based on the needs at hand. As a strong communicator, Nick can clearly break down how digital can be used to grow your business. He's known for going the extra mile to make sure the right solution is in place for the best results.

Marc Baron
Marc Technology
Marc Baron



E-mail Marc

Marc Baron is no stranger to starting something new and creative. As a co-founder of Flywheel, Marc has been the technical lead since the beginning (14 years). Marc technically architects all systems developed by Flywheel, many of which have transformed and accelerated business for several clients including SNAP Financial, Volvo, Rogers and Microsoft. An engineer at heart, Marc’s ability to break down a problem and bring a creative problem solving approach to his work ensures that our clients receive the desired end result. Prior to Flywheel Marc achieved an engineering degree from Queen’s University and worked at Accenture.

Amier Saleh
Amier Backend Developer
Amier Saleh


Backend Developer

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Amier is an essential part of ensuring that the underpinnings of the websites Flywheel builds are technically sound. He thrives on applying a notable technical acumen to the projects we work on. As a result of his backend work, clients such as McNally, Quadrangle, Rogers and SNAP Financial have been able to seamlessly reinvent themselves online and implement important new workflows that sit at the heart of their businesses. Whether working with a financial institution relying on secure and fast transactions or delivering for a marketing agency needing to reach millions of people with a comprehensive social media application, Amier provides the robust technical foundation so that businesses can rest assured that their mobile, web or backend applications will meet the demands placed on them.

Michael Mandarino
Michael Creative Developer
Michael Mandarino


Creative Developer

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Michael puts together innovative websites one pixel at a time. He is a creative developer, who focuses on development and design.  He’s technically proficient, easy to work with, and possesses the aesthetic sensibility critical for ensuring Flywheel’s websites perfectly reflect designs presented to clients during the design and architecture phases. Michael specializes in high quality CSS, JavaScript and accessibility.

Nidhi Agrawal
Nidhi Backend & Frontend Developer
Nidhi Agrawal


Backend & Frontend Developer

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Nidhi has an instinct for quality. As a seasoned developer Nidhi has the broad understanding required to bridge the technical divide between front-end design aesthetics and back-end system logic. She has a high aptitude with multiple programming languages and frameworks. The combination of Nidhi’s technical skill and her genuine talent for problem solving and system engineering allows her to achieve a high standard of quality.

Yeganeh Ghasemi
Yeganeh Design
Yeganeh Ghasemi


With her creativity and attention to detail, Yeganeh designs the graphics that best suit each client and their project. Alongside her front end development skills, Yeganeh is the team player we trust to visually communicate a brand's message.

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