You'll Learn...

Objectives and Capabilities

Clear understanding of how the DEC can help your business.


Learn more about your audience segments.

Conversions and Touchpoints

Figure out which content is the most valuable to you.

Lead Scoring and Journey Timelines

Focus your efforts with conversations that are on point.

What Else Can The DEC Do?

Where to go once you've mastered the basics.

Getting Started Checklist

Clear process for adopting the DEC in a manageable fashion.

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Flywheel Strategic energizes your business with well-designed technology, so you can grow faster.


Flywheel is a full service digital, branding and design agency that specializes in helping its clients grow. We provide services ranging from mobile, web and software development to branding, design, communication and digital marketing.


If creativity is the engine, then curiosity is the fuel.

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Our thinking is shaped by our instinct for curiosity. We are constantly observing, inquiring, challenging, exploring and trying new things. Those who share our curious mindset and a passion for learning will thrive as a part of our team.

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