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Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy
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At Flywheel Strategic we develop well designed technology.

We believe that the most successful solution to a problem is one that is sensible, one that is expertly built and one that looks good. That sounds like common sense, doesn’t it?  And yet we often see situations where clients have been trying to make something work, but it just isn’t working quite right. Though not a deliberate omission those previous efforts often fell short because of three primary reasons: the design of the system was rushed, false assumptions were made, or the actual facts weren’t clear.  Essentially, part of the picture was missing.  

To design something well requires attention to these details.

Design is also a creative process  When people use products that both look and feel good, there's a higher perception of satisfaction and value. Customers pay more for something that is more valuable.  Employees work more productively when they’re more satisfied.  Creative design can be tricky, often more so than solving a technical challenge.  But getting design right has a huge benefit to business.

Integration is key.

Our clients are sometimes a bit surprised that we’re asking questions about their business that aren't directly connected to the problem at hand. Whether or not that moment of surprise exists, we are often told we have a particular strength in our ability to understand both business and technology. The definition of both of those terms can broadly include branding, marketing, operations, systems architecture, usability, software development and so on.  Yes, we do have expertise in those areas, but our success and our strength lies in our ability to uncover how these components should integrate effectively to maximize the growth of the business.

Empathy for the problem.

Students of design thinking will recognize that heading.  Empathy has not always been a common phrase used in the boardroom, but as business evolves and as companies become more integrated, empathy becomes a strategy.  It’s a strategy we believe in at Flywheel and its part of our process. Analytics are important too and data can be a goldmine of user behaviour and customer preferences.  But dig a little deeper, put in a bit more effort and discover the motivation behind the behaviour you see in your data. Listen carefully to your clients, vendors and employees. Innovation comes when you discover something new and that can give you a competitive advantage.

Sensible solutions.

Its probably fair to say we all get at least a bit excited about new things.  Perhaps there’s a little shine, or maybe life just got simpler, but a lasting value is realized when the thing “fits right” or “works well”.  When the features are over-engineered, the complexity seems to make the polish fade fast.  Or when it turns out that beauty is only on the surface, disappointment comes quick.  A sensible solution is one that fits right, looks good and lasts.  In a business context that also means you get the most cost effective solution.  And a solution that lasts should be one with the flexibility to accommodate growth.     

Amplified impact.

The overall theme here is growth.  Lots of systems can provide efficiencies for your business.  And, a presentable image will help your company make a good first impression.  But, you can amplify the impact of your business and realize more growth when you combine good design and effective technology.

Our team of experts at Flywheel Strategic is here to show you how that’s done.

Scott SnowdenAuthor: Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy

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