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5 Questions to Ask Your Design Partner

In my recent post entitled "Strategy Starts with Asking the Right Questions" I focused on the role that the designer has in asking good questions of their clients. How about we look at this from a different perspective – what questions do I think a client should ask their design partner at the onset of a new project? 

Here, in no particular order, are 5 questions a client should consider getting answered right up front.

1. Have you worked on a project similar to ours? Tell me about it?

Any experience your design partner can share about like-minded projects will make you feel comfortable. Ask them about how they handled some of bigger issues during the project: strategy, research, project management and deliverables.  

2. Outline your process and what we should expect at each stage?

Designers do follow a process – you may be surprised to see how similar it is to your own. The way a designer summarizes their process is a communications exercise unto itself  – how clear is their explanation?

3. At what stages will you require our contribution and/or feedback?

The design process is a give and take. Ask your design partner when and how they see you fitting into that process. 

4. Will we have design options to choose from?

Designers do not all present concepts the same way. You will want to define the deliverables right from the start.

5. Can you provide us with advice on how to launch the final design?

Completing the project is one thing. What advice does your design partner have for rolling out the final product and how does in complement and support your existing initiatives? 
You wouldn't buy a car without looking under the hood first, choosing a design partner is no different. Be comfortable with the answers they provide before you go travelling together.

Author: Bob Hambly. 

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