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Simple Ideas Can Create Big Results

As we continue to think about strategy, how it gets shaped, and how strategy shapes our programs, we started to think of those additional ‘test’ tactics; the simple ideas that complement a big campaign. These simple ideas can often be little gems that end up benefiting results in a big way. We have found with past campaigns that it's often the simple ideas that grow to help clients, particularly as we launch phase two, or tweak existing tactics. Here are some simple ideas to supplement your current campaigns:

Try Face to Face

If you have a product that you could have someone try, face to face with your team, why not take it out to the street for an afternoon to receive some group feedback? If you think gaining that intel will help, take the office team, the dev team, whoever touches the product or service and get them to take it to the public! Let people sample it, touch it, use it. You will find the conversation can spark new ideas, great content and unique descriptions. We have taken products onto King Street before with a question we need answered like “What needs tweaking with our pitch?” “Will this tactic work?” “Is the service explained properly?” “Is the assumed demographic right?” People are usually forthcoming with feedback and it injects a new energy into the project. 

Try Social Advertising

Complementing your existing social content with some low cost social ads can really boost your click-through rate (CTR). We recently ran a campaign with a ‘deal’ related email, complemented by strong social content on Facebook and Instagram, and added in social ads across both platforms. For one client, under $500 on Facebook resulted in a reach of 28,300, 2,047 web and post clicks, with a CTR of 5.8%. Site traffic saw a major spike resulting in active new leads, and analytics showed us that the social ads were the primary contributor, by driving a huge boost in traffic directly to the clients pricing and lead-capture form.  

Try Triggered Emails.

Setting up retention emails really is a must, in my opinion. When a customer connects with you, they should receive an email triggered by their action - building trust for those ordering from your site, thanking those who registered etc. Setting these actions up in your email client is a relatively straightforward process; and as we're learning here, it's these small actions that can reap solid returns. A thank you email upon registration, or a reminder of benefits, offers or rewards for inactive users, are just some examples of specific actions that can turn into a conversion. Adding these simple steps to your process, that others often forget, can elevate your customer service above your competitors and increase your overall conversions or sales.

Incorporating these simple - and cost effective - activities into your campaigns will help create the boost in results that will make any client smile! 

Author: Shane Davis

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