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DesignThinkers of the Year 2016 - Beau's Brewery

Design makes a big impact on this small company.

Beau’s All Natural Brewery Company of Vankleek Hill, Ontario was presented with a DesignThinker of the Year Award this past November at the 2016 RGD DesignThinkers Conference. This award is given out annually to a company that has incorporated design and design thinking into their organization to achieve strategic objectives and drive innovation and business success.

Founded in 2006 Beau’s is a family-owned business that creates interesting, organic beers using the best ingredients and local spring water. The success of Beau’s is due, in large part, to their selection of very tasty craft beers but also to their unwavering commitment to design. With the help of their in-house design team and a keen understanding of their target audience Beau’s has developed a strong brand awareness by constantly evolving the following company assets:

  • Product variety
  • Packaging
  • Point of purchase materials
  • Brewery experience
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Merchandise - apparel, posters, t-shirts, etc.

"Design, as far as I’m concerned," explains co-founder Steve Beauchesne, "is a way to translate your ideals and your values into something people can touch and see and hold. The correlation between design and success is so tied together. It’s impossible to separate them."

Great design can make a lasting impact on any company, whether large or small. 

Beau’s proves that a holistic approach to design helps create a unique, powerful brand – one that has clearly set them apart in a growing and competitive sector.

Author: Bob Hambly
Branding and Design 
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