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Truths and Trends for 2017

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy
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This is the first of a four part series of posts to start off 2017. In part 2 we look at digital trends, while part 3 discusses marketing trends and then we wrap up with the fourth part discussing design trends.

Technology will help us connect 
Design will help us engage 
Content will help us share 

The New Year always brings the influx of articles about what to expect in the future. We agree that it is important to stay on top of new trends - after all, it's easier to keep up than to catch up. In our round-up of what to watch for this year we also wanted to reinforce the importance of also staying true to established truths.


This list is hopefully common sense, but let's recap what we know won't change this year.

Mobile First 

We know that smartphone adoption is growing and with that, people are increasing comfortable conducting transactions and consuming content on their mobile devices. Mobile is very much the preferred platform in many cases. We must continue to prioritize mobile experiences. 


Authenticity First 

Checkout Fakespot.com. This web tool helps shoppers spot when product ratings and reviews are artificially being boosted.  Brands must have endurance and your brand must be appropriate to the audience and the circumstance. 
With the increasing prevalence of fake news, the truth can sometimes be obscured, but in the end companies that establish a reputation for being honest and truthful will come out on top. Reflecting on the current economic landscape also illustrates the pitfalls of being disingenuous.   

Content is King 

Content will continue to show that your organization has life. Good content might provide insight or just entertainment and we know that good content helps drive drive engagement and it improves your search engine results. and it improves your search engine results. Just as the substance of the content is important, so is the delivery. Your content must also be relevant and easily digestible by your audience. 


Social is Strong 

Humans are hardwired for social living - we crave connection and interaction. Different personality types seek this in different ways, but this behaviour is consistent. In this digital age, social media use continues to rise. Many companies do not think they need to be on social media. That conclusion is wrong and typically comes from having a narrow view of what social media is. With social as part of an integrated, omni-channel strategy you can build long-term brand value and establish more trust with your customers. 

People Are Lazy 

So, perhaps not that lazy - after all you did read all the way to this point. But, don't deny it. We know fewer clicks are better, convenience earns a premium and that it has even been said that laziness is a sign of intelligence. If you want to grow, remember that you need to make it easy for customers to get to you.

Author: Scott Snowden  
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