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Truths and Trends for 2017: Design

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
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This is the fourth of a four part series of posts to start off 2017. In part 1 we set things up by highlighting some truths that should not be forgotten. In part 2 we look at digital trends, while part 3 discusses marketing trends and then we wrap up with the fourth part discussing design trends.

Design Trends


No matter what you’re designing these days, clarity is paramount. As we come into contact with more and more information, the need for clear organization, presentation and messaging increases. Designers work hard at helping clients communicate clearly and effectively. I’m reminded of this photograph when ever I discuss design’s responsibility to do just that!

Multiple road signs pointing in different directions


Have we lost touch with touch? The tactile sensation of touch seems to be getting more traction these days as digital experiences play a bigger role in both our personal and professional lives. The feel of uncoated paper as we flip through a magazine, the texture of the embossed hang-tag on those new jeans, the foil stamped box that houses that special bottle of scotch – touch can add a whole new level to a brand experience. See what the paper company SAPPI has to say about this very subject in their article “Neuroscience of Touch”. 

The cover and inner pages of the book, Neuroscience of Touch


2016 was, on many levels, a challenging year for everyone. The buzz says that 2017 is the year to "accentuate the positive”. And design can help achieve this by promoting thoughtful, innovative and positive messages. It’s also an opportunity for individuals, companies and associations to reaffirm their mission and values to their respective audiences. It’s time to remind the world of the good you do and of the good you plan to do in the future. Here's how IKEA is helping make the world a better place.
A screenshot of a news story about Ikea's flatpack refugee shelter winning Design of the Year

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