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Financial Services and the Vanishing Reputation

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy
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Please put down your Blackberry for a moment.

Oh wait, are you already using an iPhone?! Sorry, but you can't stop there.
It is easy to tune out the noise about all the disruption that is coming, but if you haven't taken time to ask how this will affect your business, you are quickly falling behind.
Are high-paid analysts the only ones that can find undervalued assets? Or, should artificial intelligence be used to remove all emotional mistakes? With information available at everyone's fingertips (or voice command), the esteem once held for financial advisors is vanishing. Regulation is also forcing more transparency on how fees are charged.



Contextual services mean dealing with the thing you need to deal with at that moment that it is happening, and doing it on your phone. We no longer have to go to a destination to achieve any of our financial undertakings.
The landscape is already changing. Wealth Simple provides "Investing on Autopilot".  Sonnet provides fast, fair and clear insurance - entirely online. And, don't be deceived by its name: WeChat is completely changing the business landscape in China.


Simplicity is not just about how technology can change our lives. With our earlier points about brand purpose in mind, let's remember not to complicate the message. For example, take a moment to click through to the services listed in the previous paragraph. It’s interesting to think about what minimalism looks like in your financial world – and how much more free it can make you feel.
Author: Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy 
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