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Tips for a Successful SEO Content Strategy

Search Engine Optimization: What You Need To Know.

Authenticity is the only answer

A well considered and dedicated content strategy has a very positive impact on your brand. When combined with a good social media strategy this will amplify your reach and greatly impact your search engine results.

Search Engine Ranking is entirely based on the strength of your subject matter authority. Google and other search engines create algorithms to determine who provides the most relevant information. In the past, there were ways to game the system and structure your content in a way that would provide quick wins, such as littering your content with highly searched keywords. However, Google is continually adjusting its algorithm aiming to truly find the most appropriate, authentic and truthful information to match a search query.

The algorithms built by search engines aim to evaluate content the same way that humans do. If you keep that fact in mind, it reinforces the importance of being genuine online. A truly dedicated commitment to thought leadership through content authoring and insightful online conversation will carry the day.

Technical Foundation

From a technical perspective, there are of course some components that must be in place for your content strategy to have effect:

1. Long-term Strategy – The Essential Steps.

Ensure all content is searchable and appropriate for Google/Search Engines. Here are the basic first steps:

  • Keywords: ensure relevant key words are present throughout body content.
  • Page Titles: They need to address specific topics people would likely search. Ensure content is broken up by headings that include keywords.
  • Ensure relevant content is accessible by Google—i.e. not embedded in images.
  • Setup Alt text to target searches
  • Setup a sitemap
  • Setup analytics and ongoing tracking of results

2. Refinement - Assessment and SEO Improvement

Review your content and  what your audiences is searching for:

  • Assess traffic on the site

  • Look at search volumes through Google

  • Assess keyword rankings

  • Modify content to align with new key words and improve targeting

  • Use SEO tracking management software to track search engine results
  • Set up goals and track conversions – are users reaching your desired pages

3. Targeted Campaigns and High Priority Traffic 

You can boost the effectiveness of your marketing and sales campaigns:

  • Create topic specific landing pages
  • Optimize the content and get specific with language to establish subject matter authority.
  • Get granular and create unique pages for targeted segments of your audience 
  • Cross link to other content on your site
  • Don’t avoid linking to other relevant external content

Amplify with Influencers

With your own strategy established and the right technical infrastructure you can accelerate a lift in your SEO ranking by working with “influencers”. An influencer is an individual or another company that already has a social following or good SEO ranking. These influencers are offered an incentive to support your campaign, but they also have brands to maintain and will want to ensure the partnership is authentic and meaningful for both parties.

If you need assistance implementing these tips, or have any questions about social, content or SEO, get in touch!

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