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SOSCIP Conference Confirms Toronto as a World Leader in AI

On May 9th the SOSCIP Impact 2017 Conference at MaRS showcased some of the consortium’s most successful collaborative research project partnerships between universities and industry. Projects included work developed for the healthcare and energy sectors and focused on several highlights: the improvement of data quality, weather forecasting, less evasive cancer therapy, manufacturing with nanoparticles and the advancement of cardiovascular diagnosis.

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Keynote speaker Dr. Bernie Meyerson, IBM Fellow & Chief Innovation Officer, congratulated SOSCIP on their fifth anniversary and the important role they are playing in transforming Toronto into one of the world’s top centres for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

SOSCIP - Smart Computing for Innovation - is a research and development consortium that pairs academic and industry researchers with advanced computing tools to fuel Canadian innovation within the areas of agile computing, cities, mining, health, digital media, energy, cybersecurity, water and advanced manufacturing.

Click here to read the SOSCIP 2017 Impact Report.
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