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A Message for the Construction Industry: Tell Us Why!


Architects, engineers and construction firms shape our cities, enhance our space and impact our lives. 


Stories define how our culture is built, how we express decision making and how we evoke emotion.

There is value in storytelling the impact; expressing the why that shaped decisions, and highlighting the exterior factors that provided motivation and determined choices.  

There is value to be realized when companies can tie together storytelling and impact. Done effectively, this helps those outside of the process understand the decisions that were made, how those decisions affect the community and what drove critical thinking in relation to any given project.

The Journey

Firms that design and build things have traditionally shown the stunning images of their creations and the awards they have won. However, there is an often-missed opportunity here to explain the thought process and critical thinking that occurred to get to the completed structure. Answering questions surrounding building orientation, window choice, and other aesthetic and structural choices helps immerse the reader in the process.

The Community

There are a multitude of factors that impact the design and development of any building. One factor that should always be a focal point when storytelling is the community. It can be helpful to explain how the community that uses the building each day was considered, how they will use the retail or multi-use areas and how those lives extend to the surrounding neighbourhood. Potential clients and those impacted by these spaces will be intrigued by these insights.

The Opportunity

Within the construction and related industries, very few firms are storytelling. A real opportunity to differentiate exists. Storytelling helps highlight leadership and expertise outside of an image or an award. Potential clients will be exposed to your culture, your team and your language. Through this thought leadership, more interested leads, more exciting projects, more valuable projects and a deeper connection to your community are all the rewards.

Author: Shane Davis

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