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Getting Started with Content Personalization

As we continue to preach the benefits of content personalization, it’s worth noting that companies have the ability to provide specific content immediately without platform help. Packaged content in one place (whether it’s on a blog page, whitepaper or other publication section of your website) is what you can use to pull customers into your site and demonstrate you're a thought leader. Typically, your audience has unique segments or will be drawn to you for different reasons. Time to make life easier on them when they open a blog or land on your publications page.  

Audience Insight

I suspect you already know your customer segments but if you need additional help with what content to write or how to put together several content pieces, check out your analytics. Research keywords and what drove customers to your site, and analyse the behavior and traffic flow. Look at articles that are focused on certain segments and follow what article people subsequently read to understand their interests and what to serve them next.  

“Package” Your Content

Once you understand the articles that are attractive to each audience, you need to package them together. You can do this on a specific page which can help with SEO as suggested reading after a blog. Add in whatever content your research suggests will continue to engage your audience, whether this is long-form content, short articles, checklists and tips, or FAQs. If all those resources are in one spot, your customer or audience can then understand your commitment and expertise the topic. 

Monitor Pages, Content and Clicks

There is continuous testing to be done to measure what journey will encourage the maximum engagement and conversions. Cross over content that may be more general with articles that are very targeted and see what similarities exists. Monitor which content drives more clicks and leads to more pages viewed to know what tells the best story overall. Think about the content journey each site entry creates. Refine the suggested content, the next click etc., always thinking about how you can support your site visitors with the most valuable content for them.

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