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The Flywheel Momentum Building Process

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy
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At Flywheel, we have a multi-disciplined team. Whether your project involves development, design, content, or all of those services, our process is the same. This approach will be familiar because we established it using best practices. However, we have also personalized the way we work based on our experience and expertise.

There are two key principles that structure our process and ensure success:

  1. Collaboration

  2. Clear Deliverables

We will be busy, but your participation and direction is also critical. We have designed various activities to make sure we capture your input. And, we continually deliver work for your review that contributes to the finished product.

Building Momentum


Each project starts with a process of collecting information. Activities might include workshops, stakeholder interviews and desk research. We outline our insights in a structured brief.


This phase is about creativity and exploration. You might see sketches, brainstorms, wireframes or flowcharts. You can also share your views. The result is a clear strategy.


In the build phase, you will approve designs and copy; we will be writing and testing code. We will be updating schedules and providing status updates regularly. Finally, there is a thorough walkthrough of the solution with you.


We both want strong engagement. We will measure and evaluate project performance with you. This data will lead to refinements that fuel the growth of your organization.

Stay Nimble

Process is important. A good framework keeps everyone working together, in the same direction, towards the same objectives. At Flywheel, we also believe in being nimble. That means we adjust to the circumstance and we work to apply our process only where it adds value. Our Flywheel Momentum Building Process is scalable with different activities added for larger projects and streamlined for quick jobs.

Our team brings energy to advance every project. Through curiosity, open-mindedness, collaboration and experience, Flywheel will help accelerate your brand. Give us a call to hear how we would customize the Flywheel Momentum Building Process for your project's needs and your strategic goals.

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