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Rebuilding Your Marketing Strategy in Periods of Uncertainty

It is an unprecedented time for all businesses. In conversations with clients, we’ve emphasized the importance of pivoting to adapt to the changing realities of their industries. While it may be easier for some businesses to rebuild their existing marketing strategies in response to new hurdles, others have taken a step back and are uncertain of what to do next.

Uncertainty is expected, but it’s important to have both short and long term strategic plans in place. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to strategy building, we do have some general recommendations that can help you navigate sudden changes in business operations.

1. Behind the Scenes

It is important to be honest in all website and social content. These days, it is especially crucial to be transparent with customers, clients, members, etc. We recommend adding a section on your home page to feature COVID-19-related announcements. This will give visitors some insight into your internal process, demonstrate your commitment to crisis management and improve navigation for visitors looking for specific updates.

COVID-19 update banner on the PDAC website

2. Email Will Help

If personal relationships and one-on-one conversations are the foundation of your business, I suspect you are currently overwhelmed with calls.

To help alleviate the number of customer service calls you receive, set up an email drip campaign to provide customers or clients with regular updates on your business situation. Be sure to offer additional support and include contact information for those looking for more information. You’ll be able to monitor who has opened an email or, if you would like to add a level of complexity, you can send unique follow-up messages to recipients who have taken specific actions within the email (opened, clicked on a link, etc).

3. Sharpen Your Search Skills

Now more than ever, people are relying on search engines to find the services and resources they need. Your business’ SEO should be top-notch, to ensure you are driving searchers to the right pages on your website.

You’ll need to populate your FAQ, service and purchase pages with valuable keywords and authentic content to improve usability and ultimately, decrease the number of clicks needed to reach a specific page. If you are pointing visitors in the right direction, you can also anticipate a decrease in customer service calls!

Let us know if we can help plan or execute your content strategy.

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