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Is Sitefinity the right choice?

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Starting a new website project can be daunting. There are a lot of decisions to make about your content, branding, features, and functionality. Plus, there are considerations about security, reliability, and the performance of your website. At Flywheel we help clients rise above these challenges and advance their digital experience. And, we have had great success achieving results using Sitefinity. With renowned ease of use, Sitefinity helps your team with productivity, agility, and peace of mind.

Effortlessly Deliver Quality Content and Powerful Experiences

With an intuitive interface, Sitefinity will empower you to create and manage content that delivers engaging digital experiences. Built with modern, flexible technologies, you will be able to deploy a dependable solution that will impress even the toughest critic.

Flywheel Strategic is Your Partner for Growth

Flywheel Strategic is an expert Sitefinity design and development agency that will guide you through your digital transformation. Your team will be able to deliver creative, powerful user experiences that are easy to manage – allowing you to focus on business growth.

What is Sitefinity


Intelligent Content Management & Insights

Sitefinity is an experience platform that allows you to deliver and measure engagement with a fraction of the time and resources.

Complete Design Flexibility

You are free to explore how your brand, vision, and customer engagement can be elevated to new heights. With Sitefinity, a website design can be uniquely yours. With no template or theme constraints, the design team has complete creative freedom.

Content Management

Simple, easy to use, and highly customizable, the core benefit of Sitefinity is the power it brings to your content editors. A rich feature set of content widgets and layout blocks are at your fingertips. Multilingual content can be personalized for every target audience.

Security & Compliance

Sitefinity is used by thousands of global organizations where security and data privacy are essential. An integral part of Sitefinity is the “security by design” architecture to keep your website safe. Built-in features are available to help you manage cookies and data privacy.

Analytics and Insights

Market leaders win with purpose-driven websites. Sitefinity connects directly to Google Analytics, and it also has Sitefinity Insights - a proprietary AI-driven tool to show you how well your content is performing. Persona and user-based metrics show trends as well as individual activity.

Digital Commerce

You can increase your revenue when every transaction is an experience. Whether you have a straightforward product catalogue, a complex matrix of solutions, or a unique commerce workflow, Sitefinity makes the journey a delight.

Extensibility and Integration

APIs, Web Services and Headless CMS features help you optimize the flow of information and the operation of your organization. Rest assured, your development team will feel right at home and help you enable automation and connections that drive efficiency.

Sitefinity Benefits


Rich Digital Experiences with a Flexible Content Management System 

Business Growth 

Think of Sitefinity as the engine the drives your business forward. Your communications, marketing and sales teams can put new strategies in action without needing support from IT. This helps save on time and internal resources, improving overall efficiency. 

Rich Content 

  • Endless Content Types 

  • Total Layout Flexibility 

  • Embed Video 

  • Publish any Media Types 

  • Seamless Social Media Sharing 

  • Multiple Languages 

Sales & Marketing Power 

  • Measure results 

  • Understand your content’s value 

  • Drive specific conversions 

  • Build new campaigns with ease 

  • Capture data quickly 

Personalized Experience 

  • Unique content for different users 

  • Precise audience targeting 

  • Flexible content rules 

  • Drive specific conversions 

  • User-friendly segment testing 

Complete Flexibility 

  • Content Managers have total freedom 

  • Developers can ‘get under the hood’ 

  • Designers are unrestricted 

  • Responsive design for users on any device

Easy to Adopt 

  • Intuitive for new users 

  • Extensive documentation and training resources 

  • Large online community 

Easy to Use 

  • Comfortable, distraction-free interface 

  • Drag-and-drop layouts and widgets 

  • Click-to-configure without code 

Digital Reach 

  • Integrated SEO Tools 

  • Simple Social Sharing 

  • Multi-channel publishing 

  • Strong media management 


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership 

  • Cost-effective and straightforward licensing 

  • Easy to maintain and upgrade 

  • Dynamic hosting options 


Your job is to focus on the business – without being distracted by IT issues. Sitefinity lets you get on with the important stuff, knowing that you do not have to worry about website issues.

Scalable Platform 

  • Versions for small and enterprise businesses 

  • Multi-site management 

  • Headless CMS 

Security & Compliance 

  • User and Role Management 

  • Customer Data Protection 

  • Mandatory code and security reviews, incident management 


  • Advanced caching 

  • Load balancing & redundancy 

  • Performance diagnostics 

Hosting & Maintenance 

  • Easy Upgrades & Maintenance 

  • Cloud Deployment Options 

  • Site Sync for content promotion 


Managing your website should be easy and systems should connect seamlessly to streamline your business. With Progress Sitefinity, you are also joining a global community of eager professionals that want to build cutting-edge digital experiences. 

Partner Network 

  • Global professional network 

  • Hundreds of certified agencies 

  • Thousands of certified developers 

Integration & Automation 

  • Workflows 

  • Robust APIs and Web Services and Webhooks 

  • Connectors for CRM and Marketing Automation 

User Community 

  • Online support and discussion groups 

  • Product feedback & enhancement requests 

  • Proactive notifications 

Training & Support  

  • Extensive documentation 

  • Business user and technical training 

  • Webinars, Videos, Blogs 

  • Certification & education 

How to Get Your Sitefinity Project Started 

When it is time to get your website project underway, give us a call at Flywheel Strategic. We will review your remaining questions and help make sure you are starting with your best foot forward. Here are a few other suggestions to help you achieve success with your digital project: 

Ask us for a Sitefinity demo. We can also set you up with a trial version to start exploring the system. 

> Review other projects in our list of Case Studies

> Check out our blog for helpful articles covering a range of digital experience topics. 

> Start thinking about the answers to other questions we will want to discuss such as: 

  • Who is your audience? 

  • What are the goals for your website? 

  • What kind of revenue are you looking to generate? 

  • What other systems do you want to connect to? 

  • What other marketing and communications efforts are in the works? 

Your new digital experience is just around the corner. Flywheel is ready. Are you? 


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