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What is Flagship Content?

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
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Flagship Content is a specific content strategy to take your messaging from a collection of otherwise disconnected pieces of content to a cohesive, integrated conversation. Put simply, Flagship Content is a single, robust, more substantial publication. Smaller pieces of content can then be easily parceled out and used to support an ongoing content effort. 

Many organizations will have a well-organized thought leadership strategy, but Flagship Content is a way to unify a core element around a common theme. Done well, this strategy will help keep users more engaged and the added authority that comes from Flagship Content will enhance your SEO and your overall brand value.

a comparison between traditional content strategy and flagship content strategy

Flagship Content Key Components 

There are key components that define Flagship Content and differentiate it from other content strategy approaches. Well built Flagship Content should have all the following qualities. 

  • Single Piece of Content 

    Flagship Content is a single, comprehensive, and cohesive message. 

  • Well Informed 

    There should be a researched, defendable position you articulate. Not just a strong opinion. 

  • Unique & Insightful 

    You will want to explore how you can build on a brand pillar, experience or business insight that is uniquely yours. 

  • Something of Substance 

    Invest the time to build out a robust argument with as much detail and depth as possible. 

  • Springboard 

    Excerpts from your Flagship Content can be parceled out and distributed throughout the year. 

  • Shareable

    Organic amplification of your content from social sharing is quite valuable. Your message and the writing need to be motivating. Try to be both inspirational AND informative.

  • Measurable

    Your content should be created to support a business goal or objective and distributed in a way you can monitor. Do not start your Flagship Content project without first establishing how you will measure user engagement.

  • Supported & Used by Employees 

    Authenticity is the golden rule. Your Flagship Content will fall flat if it is just a piece from the marketing department. Talk the talk and walk the walk.

Next Steps 

The checklist above is available as a free download so you can keep it as a handy reference guide. 

Of course, Flywheel is ready to help you get your Flagship Content strategy going. Feel free to reach out any time. If you think you are ready to give this a shot on your own, we have another blog post worth checking out: How to Build Flagship Content.

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