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3 impacts of winning a Sitefinity Website of the Year Award

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy
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Congratulations to our client Bird Construction for winning a Sitefinity Website of the Year award! As their partner on the design and development of this website, we feel so much gratitude and honour to receive recognition for all the hard work our team put into building this website.


After hearing that Bird had won, we knew that we needed to continue with forward momentum, and to let this experience serve as a benchmark for excellence. Here are three fundamentals that were reinforced by our experience:

Pursue perfection

For every client, our goal is to create the best possible results. Whether that is winning a website of the year award, building a campaign to help them grow their business, or providing support, our goal is to be a team that can be counted on to put their best foot forward no matter the size of the project. In the pursuit of perfection, we know that excellence is achievable. As we continue to push our expectation and understanding of excellence, we look at where we are and how we can continue to become a little bit better with every project.

Practice curiosity

It is vital for the growth of a team to have context and empathy for every situation, to learn from failure and ask good questions. On every project, there is an opportunity to “dig in”, uncover insights and try new things (which don’t always work out as expected). Mistakes and changes will come but being nimble helps us learn, adapt and thrive in those moments. The real success story is still being written. Every project offers us a new chance to evolve through curiosity, breakthrough new obstacles and strengthen our skills along the way.

Value the process

To succeed at most things, you must trust and commit to the process. How you are going to get to your final goal is often more important than the outcome. Without a roadmap and a plan to get there, communication within a team can start to break down. Being committed to the process requires every team member to put maximum effort and ability into each phase. When we have done the proper planning and are committed to our process, we can easily assess the inevitable changes that come with complex projects. It’s easier to take 25 small steps than take one giant leap without knowing where you are going to land.

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