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It’s time to start taking video seriously

Garratt Wooton
Garratt Wootton
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Until now, video was not a viable strategy option. For 2022, it might be the single best strategy option, or at least as a component of a larger content strategy. Take Lush Cosmetics for example. On November 21, the UK-based company announced they were quitting the majority of their social media accounts right before the holiday season. Of the two they didn’t cancel, one was YouTube.

According to Forbes, “videos are the most effective and popular way to grow an audience on social media.” If you haven’t been following video trends, you might not be aware that video as a high-quality option is about to take over as the best thing since sliced marketing bread.

Video needs to become part of your strategy in some way in 2022

What catches most teams off-guard or presents a barrier is that video production often seems expensive, clunky, and heavy on resources. And in the past, that was absolutely true. Now, however, the business of making videos is changing rapidly. On the production side, the quality is shooting up while the cost of doing so is dropping as social apps and tech companies battle to create the best video production tools. It’s fortuitous timing too, as the increased availability of video content has made users want to consume more video, not less.

Small budget? No problem!

Until more of these apps are available on a truly mass scale, don’t worry so much about the budget and let influencers do the heavy lifting. While influencer marketing is a whole conversation of its own, micro-influencers tend to be the power houses behind high audience conversion rates. Even more fortunate is that all of them are adept at using social video tools. That means, not only can you count on the right people seeing your content, you also need fewer resources and less-inflated budgets to achieve a successful ROI.

It’s all about engagement

According to Digital Expert, Oganes Vagramovich Barsegyan, “TikTok is growing faster than other apps because videos keep users engaged better than text-based posts.” While that statistic might be helpful as an overall indicator, it doesn’t mean you need to abandon all of your strategies and hop on the trend train. What it does indicate is that consumers want to engage deeper with your content. One thing that we recommend at Flywheel is to increase your video content on LinkedIn, as in you, speaking directly to your audience through the platform’s video tool. Your content doesn’t need to be influencer-quality per se, it just needs to be authentic and consistent, and in a format that allows your audience to see and hear the faces behind your logo.

Essentially, if you’re considering a new approach to your content strategy for 2022, consider video in all of its forms. It might be the one small thing that sets you apart in a really big way.

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