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How to Address Your Nerves and Get Started on Content Creation

Garratt Wooton
Garratt Wootton
Business Development Manager
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It sometimes seems like everyone and their uncle is on social media. Posting silly memes and repetitive comments while you are just trying to get your first content post out (for goodness sake!). The truth of the matter is, most of these people are all online, and probably posting more than you. The other truth is, it often isn’t the value-added content you’re looking to create. So how do you break that fear of creating and posting content? 

Often, the blocks that prevent you from posting are the same ones that should be the driving factor behind why you should post. Fears like: 

  • What if no one cares what I have to say? 
  • What if my advice or thoughts aren’t helpful?
  • That general feeling of discomfort when putting yourself out there. 

Ultimately, do you know what sells online these days? You do. Your authentic personality, educated views on your industry or work, and even your off-the-cuff comments might spark valuable conversation. As you’re starting to plan your content from scratch, keep these three things in mind:  

  1. Lead with authenticity
  2. Vulnerability is good
  3. Turn your challenges into good habits (i.e. write that post that scares you - and then press post!) 

Everyone is looking for thought leadership in their areas of interest, as well as a fresh, or well-written, perspective. As an entrepreneur or a businessperson, you have a lot of experiences you can draw from. It’s not the information you’re lacking, it’s the ability to draw it out and put pen to paper. 

On that note, here are a few great ways to start creating content: 

  • First and foremost, find a collaborator. Whether you ask a peer, mentor, or friend, have them ask you questions about yourself, your work, and trends related to your industry. And just like that, you have five or more answers that can be used immediately as a post. 
  • Secondly, reshare things that interest you, but add an insightful comment demonstrating your knowledge on the topic or your interest. People will comment faster than you can say “content marketing”. 
  • Thirdly, join a seminar where you can create social posts in a group setting or learn the quick tricks to get you there. For instance, Flywheel just ran a seminar about how to create great content strategy. 


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