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The Return of the Product Video

Garratt Wooton
Garratt Wootton
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Do you remember those commercials from the 1950s and 60s where a model would spend the entirety of the video explaining the benefits of a product? They wouldn’t miss a detail as they explained the benefits of said product, for example if it was a fridge, “note the space created for your eggs, a compartment for cheese, even a crisper for your vegetables,” all said in an airy, confident tone. Then at the end, they’d tell you an emotional reason for needing this product, which would usually be social or status in nature.

Well, it’s surprisingly no different today. Okay, it’s a little bit different, but the root of the idea is a classic marketing move. That’s why now, in 2022, product or explainer videos are atop of multiple web design and social media marketing lists.

Find out why and stay tuned for the fun examples at the end. 

The psychology behind product videos 

Product or explainer videos work on many levels, but especially in terms of building engagement with customers. Because there are so many ways you can use video - brands are using it to build trust and loyalty through various paths, including, demonstrating customer reviews. If you have a social marketing strategy, this tactic can be especially powerful as platforms like Tik Tok sell out products based on the quality or quantity of product reviews. 

Explainer videos can be used to measure the emotion of your target audience, allowing you to continually narrow in on what drives them subconsciously. The use of animated characters, or even brand mascots work to demonstrate empathy for the consumer and to strike a nerve tied to the product you’re selling. It can also be used to increase authority, by demonstrating, not only an understanding of your own brand product, but the marketplace and the consumer’s needs within that marketplace. 

The technical reasons to use product videos

Let’s talk business: the reasons behind using product videos also comes back to search engine rankings, conversions and sales

People love videos, and people spend more time on your website if you have a video, both of which make explainer/product videos valuable content. Google loves valuable content, so if your website has a video that people respond well too, or you have the requisite SEO produced video, guess what? There’s a 53% chance Google will not only rank you higher but move you to the first page. 

Your conversion rate also goes up. According to Neil K Carroll on LinkedIn in 2018, ...incorporating a video onto one of your pages you’ll raise your conversion rate (on average) by about 80%.” And that’s only with one video added. Granted that was 2018, but these video statistics are only increasing as the demand for video continually increases every year.

The writing is on the wall: If you want to sell more, give the people what they want - interesting, informative, and, generally, short  videos.  

5 Great examples of successful product videos

You’ve heard of the Slap Chop - The Shopping Channel’s famous veggie cutter? Well these examples work the same way. They are memorable, demonstrate a brand’s benefits clearly, and tie into a broader strategy. 

Kelty’s Backpack Comparison  

This is an explainer video via product comparisons, presented by a trusty looking fellow who represents the target audience with his modern camping aesthetic. It’s a good move for positioning the brand via a relatable but distinct looking character. 

Man Crates Use of Humour

This video leans into stereotypes and relatability in equal measure, making it hilarious and engaging. It also sends very clear messaging about the target audience. They have chosen to be more of a “ lighthouse brand”, with a very specific group in mind. 

Josie Maran Cosmetics’ Relatability  

For a simple skincare product, this product video involves a story and a demonstration. It taps into a strong emotion: fear. By weaving a beautiful story around ageing, it solves the problem of wrinkles while simultaneously soothing the fear of growing older. 

Headspace’s Use of Animation

If you haven’t seen this one, it’s excellent at tapping into our daily reality with a valuable cure at the end, all while being fun and relaxing to watch. Animation and microanimations have also been a growing trend in web design and marketing, often pulling in a higher engagement than a regular video. 

Google Chrome’s Use of Emotion

Have a tissue? This commercial is meant to tug at your heart strings through feelings of love and family. You’ve been warned! Google taps into the human condition and our need for connection, positioning itself right at your heart center: alongside your favourite people. After all, we can’t live without human connection. Or Google, for that matter. 

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