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A curated list of resources to help you get started.


We regularly coach, mentor and present to audiences of marketers, digital professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. In this blog post, we thought we’d share some of the resources we recommend to those groups. Some of these are from Flywheel, others are not. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to add to the list:

More detail about each of these resources is included below.

Digital Planning Canvas


The first resource to share with you is the Digital Planning Canvas by Flywheel. This is a simple and powerful tool that helps you define and align your digital strategy with your business objectives, target audience, value proposition, and key performance indicators. The canvas helps you visualize and communicate your digital plan in one page, and guides you through the essential questions that you need to answer before you start designing and developing your digital product or service.

Digital Experience Workshops


At Flywheel, we also deliver short, digestible, monthly Digital Experience Workshops. These are online workshops that teach you the skills and tools that you need to plan and design amazing digital experiences. The workshops cover topics such as digital assessment, user journey mapping, content planning, SO and so on. Each workshop aims to show you how to apply them to your own digital projects. The workshops are free, interactive, engaging, and practical, and are led by experienced digital professionals who will guide you and answer your questions along the way.

UX Pressia


UX Pressia is a handy platform that helps you create and share beautiful user journey maps, personas, and impact maps. These are essential tools for marketing, digital planning and experience design. The tool will help you understand your users, their needs, their pain points, and their emotions, and how they interact with your digital product or service.

ChatGPT and Generative API


ChatGPT and Generative API are powerful tools that are wonderful resources for creating audience segments, defining you personas, and advancing your content. These tools can generate realistic and engaging conversations based on your input. You can use ChatGPT to explore different scenarios, questions, and responses that your target audience might have, and learn more about their preferences, motivations, and challenges. But, be careful, as of 2024 (when this post was written), generative AI often exhibits a Western bias. This is primarily because many of the datasets used to train these systems are disproportionately composed of data from Western sources.

Building a Story Brand


Building a Story Brand is a handy book and a great concept by Donald Miller. This resource teaches you how to use the power of storytelling to create a clear and compelling message for your business. The book shows you how to apply the principles of storytelling to your digital marketing and communication, and how to craft a story that connects with your audience, captures their attention, and inspires them to take action. The book also provides a framework that you can use to create your own story brand, and a website that you can use to generate your own story brand script.

The Advanced Selling Podcast


For entrepreneurs, sales leaders and individual sales contributors, The Advanced Selling Podcast is a championship resource. This podcast is a weekly show that offers practical and proven sales strategies – hosted by Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, two veteran sales coaches and trainers have been helping salespeople for over 20 years. They share their insights, tips, and stories from their own experience and from interviews with successful sales experts and thought leaders. The podcast covers topics such as prospecting, closing, negotiating, presentation, mindset, and much more.

Tea & Timbits Podcast


If you’re into podcasts, this one is a bit of a passion project from one of the Flywheel partners. This is a podcast that explores stories and insights for business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators with a bit of an international flare.

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