#1 - Sitefinity Insight - Overview

Understand how Sitefinity Insight will help boost the impact for your digital experience

#2 - Sitefinity Insight - Personas

Understanding Personas will help sharpen your message for specific audience segments.  

#3 - Sitefinity Insight - Journey Mapping

Understand Journey Mapping to better articulate your entire user's experience.

#4 - Sitefinity Insight - Conversions

Effectively track and measure your overall business objectives using conversions.

#5 - Sitefinity Insight - Touchpoints

Learn what a Touchpoint is, and how to navigate and create a story within Sitefinity Insight.

#6 - Sitefinity Insight - System Setup

Now that you understand the fundamentals, lets get Sitefinity Insight configured correctly.

#7 - Sitefinity Insight - Persona Setup

Build your Personas into Sitefinity Insight with the right rules.

#8 - Sitefinity Insight - Conversion Setup

Prove you have the right ROI by setting up the conversions the right way.

#9 - Sitefinity Insight - Forms Setup

Don't overlook form data and how to connect Sitefinity CMS forms to  Sitefinity Insight.

#10 - Sitefinity Insight - Reporting Overview

With all the setup done, let's take a look at how to report results effectively.

#11 - Sitefinity Insight - Touchpoints Setup

Let's take a look at how a collection of touchpoints are tracked to influence conversions. 

#12 - Sitefinity Insight - Uplift & Attribution

Now you can dig in! Learn how your touchpoints influence conversions.

#13 - Sitefinity Insight- Lead Scoring (Optional)

For many users, leads scoring can be help focus your outreach and engagement activities.

#14 - Sitefinity Insight - Personalization (Optional)

With Sitefinity you have an amazing opportunity to customize your digital experience for each user.

#15 - Sitefinity Insight - A/B Testing (Optional)

Stop deliberating and let the system teach you which content works best with A/B Testing.

#16 - Sitefinity Insight - Next Steps

Here's a quick recap of what we've covered and suggestions for moving forward. 

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