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Scott Snowden and Stephen Medve's ongoing discussion on how to find the right technology. Each of them has over a decade of experience working end-to-end on projects and helping customers maximize their digital experiences. 

They're not just analysts but have been actively developing solutions and helping customers advance their digital experiences for over a decade.

Recent Vendor Discussions 

We make it our business to know what the vendors are up to! 

These video articles are a collection of discussions, product reviews, and technical analysis, on Digital Experience Platforms for the medium, large, and enterprise space.

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We Discuss Gartner MQ for DXP 2022 | @ Sitecore Symposium

We sat down with Mike Casey the VP of Solutions, at the Sitecore Symposium Roadshow in Toronto, to discuss his take on Sitecore's position within the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for DXP.

His insight on the overall space of DXP, and he provides some great insight into the digital experience market, as well as Sitecore's role.

Gartner DXP Magic Quadrant - With Progress Software

Sergei Sokolov - Director of Product Management

Sergei talks to Stephen about making the Gartner Magic Quadrant for DXP 2022:

  • Why Sitefinity made the quadrant.
  • Moving up or right on the quadrant?
  • Who would be a great fit for their product?

Scott and Stephen Critique Progress's Answer to Gartner Magic Quadrant for DXP 2022

After discussing Progress on the Magic Quadrant for DXP in 2022, Scott and Stephen share their reflections on what this means.

  • Analyst influence on product direction.
  • Is it better to be a challenger or an innovator? Or both!?
  • What do we think is the ideal customer profile?

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