Flywheel Strategic has become aware of various scam employment offers and job listings. This may take the form of emails being sent to prospective employees or postings on third-party websites.  These scams can use language from our own job postings and website to appear legitimate but are not associated with our company.

Things to remember:

  • Applications for a career at Flywheel Strategic always begin through our careers application form.
  • We do not provide unsolicited job interviews and offers.
  • Flywheel Strategic never uses Google Hangouts or any other text-only chat to conduct interviews.
  • At every, single stage of our interview process, you will always be interviewed in person or through a virtual call that allows the interviewer to turn their camera on to identify themselves. Our current staff are are listed with photos on this website.
  • Flywheel Strategic never requires payments or fees as part of a job application process.

If you ever have any questions about the authenticity of any career-related inquiry, please reach out to us directly: [email protected]