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Digital Health Check

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Flexible and scalable mobile apps drive financing decisions and boost sales. HVAC installers can do more business and less paperwork.

Flywheel Strategic

What is a Digital Health Check?

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Flywheel Strategic offers comprehensive digital health check services, harnessing experience, tools and methodologies to assess the overall performance, user-friendliness, and effectiveness of your online platforms. Whether you're seeking a general evaluation of your entire digital ecosystem or a more targeted analysis of specific elements, our team delves deep into user journeys, site speed, mobile responsiveness, accessibility, integrations and more.

Health Check Process

  • Discovery & Discussion
    Stakeholder engagement, prioritization and system inventory.

  • Review & Analysis
    In-depth research, audit and review of your system, integrations and configuration.

  • Recommendation & Presentation
    Itemized and detailed list of recommendations. Summary discussion.

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Flywheel Strategic and The Training Boss have been improving digital experiences for a long time, sometimes in collaboration.

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Meet Your Digital Health Check Specialists

Navigating the digital realm requires a blend of strategic insight, innovative thinking, and a deep understanding of user needs. It’s not just about leveraging the latest tools or staying updated with trends—it’s about crafting memorable experiences. At Flywheel Strategic, our Digital Experience Specialists exemplify this blend. Meet the team who are waiting for your project.


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When is the right time for a Health Check?

Do have confidence that your website or other digital systems will reliably support your business plans? Or, has there been some turnover on your team since your last major system update?

A Digital Health Check can help you set priorities, provide peace of mind and give you clarity to plan your next big move.

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