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Why You Need a LinkedIn Company Page

There are lots of ways to establish a strong online business presence, typically starting with a well thought out and user friendly website. Following this comes social proof! The easiest and quickest way to build up a company presence on social media channels is LinkedIn. The network is made up of over 500 million professionals – including your employees.

Here are the benefits of setting up a Company Page

Showcase your brand

A Company Page showcases your brand. Similar to the homepage of your website, your LinkedIn page will be on brand and should share your core business messages and campaigns, broadening your presence online. When prospective leads or consumers search for your company, this will be further verification that your business is legitimate and will provide a comprehensive summary of who you are and what you do, contributing to a positive first impression.

Employees are brand ambassadors

Your employees will most likely have a personal profile on LinkedIn, and will want to list their current position and company. Having a company page allows employees to directly link to your business, expanding the reach to their personal connections, and enables your staff to become brand ambassadors for your business.

Boost your SEO

Having an active presence on LinkedIn will boost your SEO. A company page is automatically visible to the public, meaning content hosted here will be ranked on the web. Make sure that your summary is keyword rich and that content updates are both relatively frequent and relevant to maximise your ranking.

Increase your exposure

LinkedIn allows professionals to tag your business. When posting a status and mentioning a specific company, LinkedIn will provide suggestions from a drop-down list of businesses that the person may be referring to – but only if you have a company page. 

Monitor mentions of your company

Keep tabs on company mentions. LinkedIn company pages receive notifications when somebody mentions your business, allowing you to monitor and share when your company is being spoken about on the channel.

Advertise your products or services

Promote products, offers or campaigns. LinkedIn company pages work particularly well for B2B; a company page allows you to share news and content with your followers, capturing people’s attention while they are in a business mindset unlike Facebook, Twitter etc

Showcase what you offer

Showcase your services. If your company has a wide service offering or cater to varying specific audiences, it’s possible to create company showcase pages which sit within your core business profile page. This allows you to effectively promote the range of services you provide.

Advertise your products or services

LinkedIn allows you to create sponsored content and text ads to expand your reach and generate leads or clicks to your website utilizing in depth targeting and interesting ad formats with Campaign Manager. You can also use sponsored InMail to directly connect with potential customers or leads. 

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network online with a membership of over 500 Million. It is quick and easy to set up a company page – all you need is your work email address, your logo, a short company description and your website URL. For more information or advice on getting started, contact us.

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Author: Sandra Moffatt
Digital Communications and Project Manager 

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