Flywheel's Top Performing Technology, Design & Content Marketing Blogs of 2018

The digital landscape moves lightning-fast, and the Flywheel team is constantly learning, adapting and jotting down our thought process along the way. On top of providing our clients with our very best work, we always squeeze time in to share our knowledge with you in the form of blog posts — over 50 of them just this year!

As 2018 comes to an end, we can’t help but reflect on our journey over the course of the year. From technology and design to content and strategy, many of our ideas are as relevant now as they were then (not to mention they provide insight as to what we can expect in the year to come).

If you missed our blogs or need a refresher, we’re counting down our most popular blog posts of 2018, starting with number 10:

10. The Best Coffee Near Flywheel Strategic

The Best Coffee Near Richmond and Spadina Toronto (Flywheel Strategic)

Part of the Flywheel work culture is our downtown office, a caffeine lover’s paradise surrounded by coffee shops on every corner. In celebration of International Coffee Day, we put our neighbourhood brews to the test. Our in-house designer and lead content marketer blind taste tested lattes from four of the closest cafes within a couple of minutes from our office at 130 Spadina Avenue in Toronto. While the competition was close, the winner was crystal clear!

9. Digital Strategy for a Startup

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, our Business & Technology Strategist has some helpful tips on how to implement a foolproof digital strategy. The key to a successful startup is to establish trust with your clients, boost your reputation in the market, tap into your networks and stay top of mind in your industry. Give this piece a read to get a sneak peek of what you can expect in 2019 with the launch of The Momentum Podcast, our very own entrepreneurial podcast. Stay tuned!


8. How Meeting AODA Colour Contrast Standards Can Improve Your Business

Close up of eye

When it comes to the use of colour, websites and web content (like display ads and emails) must have distinguishable content, including colours accommodating people with limited colour vision or colour-blindness. We spoke with our Creative Developer to find out the most common mistakes he sees in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) colour compliance, both as a developer and as someone who experiences limited colour vision.

7. Five Reasons to use Instagram!

Did you know users spend more time on Instagram than on any other channel? As a business, building an Instagram presence is super easy to do. If you haven’t considered this platform as a way to target your audience, this infographic blog post will convince you otherwise. Here are the five key reasons you should consider using Instagram for your business.

6. Why You Need a LinkedIn Company Page

There are many ways to establish a strong digital presence for your business. Typically, this starts with having a well thought-out and user-friendly website, followed by a social presence. The easiest and quickest way to build up a business presence for your company through social media on LinkedIn. The network is made up of over 500 million professionals – including all your potential customers, and your competitors. If your company isn’t on LinkedIn, you may be missing out on this key opportunity.

5. The History of Architecture and the Future of Web Desig

Have you ever wondered what a skyscraper and a search engine might have in common? In this long-form piece, our Designer/Front-end Developer investigates the era of Modernist architecture, the Postmodern movement, and contemporary architecture alongside the last twenty years of web design. The piece draws parallels and differences between the two fields and illuminates where the road leads for web design.

4. Facebook: What the Latest Update Means for Marketers

Not another Facebook update! While time-specific, this blog summary on Facebook’s latest update (and what it meant for marketers) demonstrates our agile knowledge of this ever-changing social media network. Read more about how smaller companies who don’t have big budgets can circumvent changes on Facebook and keep themselves top of mind on this social media platform.

3. How Personas and Journey Mapping Inform Design



Reaching out to your current and potential users is critical to improving the usability and design of any project. But once UX research is completed, how can you leverage your findings into usable information? One popular option is to create personas and journey maps. Our Designer/Front-end Developer breaks down how personas and journey maps can be used to help to clarify user needs and goals while revealing potential issues in design, information architecture and even content.

2. The Digital Experience Cloud


Digital Experience Cloud Walkthrough - Video by Flywheel Strategic

Time and time again, digital experience and user journeys come up in conversation with our clients. In this informative video, we introduce the Digital Experience Cloud with a walkthrough of how a product such as this one can be integrated with your digital business practices.

1. Javascript Libraries and Frameworks to Inspire Through 2018


With literally hundreds of Javascript libraries and frameworks floating around the web these days, creativity is often the only limit for web developers. The most popular ones have become not only immensely useful to learn, but are often highly sought after skills by employers. Our number one blog post of 2018 is a roundup of twelve Javascript libraries and frameworks focused towards helping you unleash your creativity in 2018 and turn a concept into reality.


We can’t wait to see where our train of thought will us in 2019 as our industry takes winding routes. Buckle up, and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest updates and blogs. As experts across technology, design, content and strategy, we're always looking for the most innovative ways to help your business grow.


Author: Jessica Huynh

Digital Marketing

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