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The Flywheel Content Creating Process

If you have read our blog post on the Flywheel Momentum Building Process, you would know that we have established best practices and processes that we apply in everything that we do, no matter the project or discipline. We believe a good framework keeps everyone working together, in the same direction, towards the same objectives. That’s why every Friday morning we dedicate a couple of hours to an internal content meeting to foster collaboration, inspire conversation, and talk strategy!

Whereas our day-to-day meetings are usually with clients, weekly content meetings serve as a time to reflect on the insight we've gathered from our client conversations throughout the week. If you are a Flywheel client, there’s a good chance we've discussed your goals and objectives in this meeting! With that, let’s take you into the room so you can become more familiar with our process.

Usually, our content meetings require us to work backwards. First, we identify what information our clients need from us. Is there a specific concept, technology, or tool they want to leverage? Do they have a specific goal in mind? This process is very conversational, we speak candidly about our ideas, reference our own experiences, and build off each others’ thoughts.

We then determine how we can translate these opportunities into content that will be both informative and interesting to our clients. The Flywheel team comes from a range of backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives. One of the best parts of our content meeting is collaborating as a group and hearing how different team members might approach the same topic. Next, we ask ourselves, “how can we convey this information in a way that will resonate with a broad audience?” Usually, it materializes in a blog post, podcast, whitepaper, or case study.

It is also important that we use our content meeting to identify places of growth for our team and the Flywheel brand. We focus on creating content that tackles a broad range of themes and disciplines to keep our audiences interested and our team engaged in relevant topics. We do maintain a content calendar that gives structure to the themes we touch on throughout the year.

Finally, all of the useful content, blog posts, and announcements we generate are added to our monthly newsletter and sent out to our clients and other subscribers. If we think our clients may have missed something important that would be of interest to them, we take this opportunity to send it their way.  

There you have it- the Flywheel Content Creating Process! Our clients’ business objectives are at the heart of everything we do, we identify their needs and work backwards to create content that will make their goals a reality.

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