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Flywheel Strategic's 2019 Highlights

Scott Snowden
Scott Snowden
Business & Technology Strategy
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2019 was a memorable, action-packed year for Flywheel Strategic!

In the past, we’ve posted a full round-up of all of our work from the year. But that list of yearly accomplishments and exciting projects has become too long!

To switch things up, we decided to ask our staff for their highlights. We wanted to know what they learned in 2019, what they enjoyed, and what kind of work they are looking forward to in 2020.

Screenshot of The Logic's Website
For The Logic, we upgraded their website functionality, added lead capture capabilities and streamlined partnership data flows.

Last year, our new hires appreciated having responsibility from the get-go, putting their existing skills to the test, and picking up new ones along the way. They exercised their strengths in Salesforce projects and customizations including data migrations and workflows.

Screenshot of RPIA's website
RPIA's Flywheel-designed website.

From a creative standpoint, our team members embraced the chance to apply their design skills and proved that aesthetic quality is one of our strong points. We took on a number of projects requiring supportive imagery and are looking forward to similar work in the upcoming year.

Screenshot of Tourism Barrie's Website

For Tourism Barrie, we developed a number of detailed user personas that allowed us to build specific content targeting each individual website visitor.

In 2019, our content team focused on growing the audiences of new and existing clients to meet their business objectives. They were excited to explore journey mapping and personal building in a number of projects and used Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud to monitor results. 

Flywheel developers enjoyed taking a deeper dive into Sitefinity’s UCommerce and mastering MVC widgets and controls. As more clients showed interest in Microsoft’s cloud hosting service Azure, our developers used it to streamline the process for future projects. Throughout the year, our team continued to support many clients in Wordpress.

In September, a trip to the Sitefinity Service Delivery Partner Summit in Boston allowed us to network and learn from a small group of companies that are doing really strong work with the Sitefinity CMS.

What’s next for Flywheel? At a glance, we’re looking forward to maintaining growth, gaining exposure and solidifying our brand presence in 2020. Our team is eager to expand their skill sets, and honourable mentions from their 2020 wishlist include more iOS projects, new integrations, B2C projects, integrated digital marketing campaigns, and custom illustrations.

This year, we’ll also be putting focus on how we can build stronger processes to improve teamwork, workflow, and overall success. If you would like to check out more of our project highlights from 2019 and previous years, head over to our Case Studies. Or, subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly project updates!

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